Skinterviews | Season 3 - The Expert Series

Skinterviews by Nathan & George returns for its most exciting season. Season 3 is titled “The Expert Series”. We traveled from east coast to west coast, both in Canada and the USA and met with just some of the experts in cosmetic medicine with specialties in dermatology and surgery. We had our expert panel weigh in on some of the hottest treatments and topics in cosmetic medicine. They inform and answer your questions in 10 episodes with subjects ranging from surgical therapies, injectable artistry, the science of reversing aging and preventative aging as well as so much more!
Join out two favourite hosts every episode as they ask our experts the questions we’ve all been wanting answered.

Episode One

Neuromoduators, most commonly known by the brand name Botox. If you’ve ever had questions about this popular treatment, you won’t any longer!


Episode Two

This episode is all about lifting up our posterior. What are the options? What is safe? Brazilian butt lift vs. Squats vs. Non-surgical options. What are our experts saying and would they have one themselves?


Episode Three

The big question: Can we reverse aging?! In this episode the experts weigh in. You’ll be surprised to learn the answer.


Episode Four

Find out what the experts have to say on what everyone wants to know: The number one thing you can do for preventative aging!


Episode Five

We are talking all about body contouring. With so much in the market today to help re-shape our bodies it’s no wonder everyone is questioning what works, what’s right for them and if they should be seeking out surgery or non-surgical options. Let’s see what they experts have to say.


Episode Six

The Face Lift


Episode Seven

The Nose


Episode Eight



Episode Nine



Episode Ten



Episode Eleven

Influencers vs. Physicians


Season Three: Myth or Fact Series